In 2018 ARTYPICAL joined forces with GAMMA to create the joint effort: Gamma_PRO, an international conference which focuses on culture and modern multimedia technologies.This forum will include a discussion panel of a diverse set of artists and professionals so as to come together and exchange experiences, ideas and solutions. This event will touch on global trends in the arts, technology, innovations and science. Among the conference speakers were representatives of various international cultural organizations: DAAD, Creative Europe, festivals: CTM, MUTEK, Sonica, Todays Art, etc. and major museums: Russian Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Innovation Center and Science Miraikan in Tokyo, ZKM Center for Media and Art in Karlsruhe.

The conference is dedicated to the evolution of urban culture and the search for commonalities among creative industries, science, business and the city so that we cannot only chart the future of it but also be a part of its construction. This year's conference is going to examine the possibilities of developing local culture. It focuses on what role creative industries play in modern urban areas.

Our goal is to find the paths for development of the Gamma festival and how urban figures of cultural life can interact, especially in the contemporary cultural landscape of St. Petersburg.


Sometimes the concept of the center becomes outdated and "blind areas"
of the city turn into spots where people are free to hang out unadulterated. Sometimes "horizontal" development demonstrates its own existence relative to the centralized structure. Sometimes the technologies, science and creative industries become increasingly intertwined in the sense of a cultural landscape. When the existing environment is in the process of filling in with the ideas, and new generations are engaged in that process,
it can make up a promising dialogue about our future.
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