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The GAMMA festival has been earning the status of one of the main musical and cultural events of the year For 7 years. It represents as Russian electronic scene as an electronic scene around the world.

The musical format of the festival is highly diverse and covers many genres of electronic music. Media art exhibitions and various cultural events are held at the festival every year. The Gamma has consistently been highly appreciated around the world, the well-known British magazine DJ Mag included Gamma in the top 10 best festivals in the world which take place in the most unusual locations. Moreover the world's best known German Groove Magazine has put Gamma in the top 10 summer festivals in Europe. Finally, English magazine FACT named Gamma as the most extraordinary event on the continent in 2019.

Tickets for the main program and afterparty are available. As soon as the first release is sold-out, the next one is released and the price increases. Tickets for the opening concert and Gamma_PRO will appear on sale together with the program announcement. All answers of your questions about tickets can be found in a special section FAQ.

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